Plateaued: The word we love to hate!

So I decided to stop having a pity party and come out of hiding! The past two weeks have been spent frustrated over the fact that after only doing Weight Watchers for a few weeks, I plateaued! Yes, the word we all love to hate, happened to me at just 13 pounds. This is the same dreaded number I was stuck at last time when I attempted the South Beach diet. There must be something about the unlucky 13 that stops me right in my tracks and discourages me from going past it. I stopped writing down my points for two weeks out of spite and managed to keep the pounds off, but I didn’t lose more. Yesterday, I told myself that it was now or never. I had a choice to make and I could either stop at 13 (very far away from my goal) or suck it up and get back to it. So I got off the couch and decided that the weight loss needed a little shove. I needed to do a little more than just watch my food intake because my body was revolting against change and needed a boost.

In that moment, I choice to jump on the treadmill and run it off. Those words sicken me even as I type them. If anyone knows me, they know I hate the treadmill. It seems like a torture device used to eagerly remind anyone who gets on it just how out of shape they really are. Yesterday, was no exception as I slowly warmed up hoping the 30 minutes I committed to in my head would quickly pass. Before long my body was going to the rhythm of the cardio workout music on my iPhone and I didn’t seem to notice the time as much. After I got home, my shoulders and neck were stiff and sore (the aftermath of being in a serious car accident), but I popped a couple of pain meds and went to bed.

Today, I grabbed my tennis shoes vowing to do it all again. I managed to turn my music back on and pound out another 30 minutes. For some, that may not seem like a lot, but for others like me who have faced any kind of injury or are not used to exercising, it is an accomplishment. After today’s workout, I decided I needed to create a goal in order to push myself everyday in August. I told myself I would do 30 minutes on the treadmill for each day of the month. However, since there are 31 days, I think I will just reward myself by relaxing on the last day for a job well done!


3 Responses

  1. Plateau comes when something you measure doesn’t change. Try changing what you measure instead. Weight is a really tough thing as it fluctuates with time, water etc. Instead, measure fitness and ignore weight.

    My favorite way to do it is pick an event (fun run, fun bike ride, race etc) Pay the entry fee today and then you know you have to keep working toward it. Another bonus, you completely control your ability to commit to 4 hours a week and will succeed if you show up to your workouts.

    • Thank you for reading and the insight! I appreciate it as most of these things are new to me!

  2. Hey there Missy keep up the good work! Very proud of you! Flat toes can be very annoying but once you’re over the hump it can only go down hill from there! Profound eh?

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