Facebook: The Great Distraction

Sometimes making a commitment to get healthy involves a lot more than we originally expected. The sacrifices you have to make along the way can challenge you to give up things that you have clung to for years. For me, the journey of getting out of debt and losing weight requires serious focus to achieve the end result. If my life feels out of balance in one area, my goals will be harder to reach.

For example, recent distractions have caused me to feel out of sync. The political debate facing our country and being shared all over Facebook has caused a great divide not just among political leaders, but also friends. Those you have been close with for years can get under your skin based on comments and opinions. We are all entitled to our political views, but yesterday I hit my breaking point after reading all of them. I felt frustrated that every time I got on Facebook I was flooded with people pointing fingers, political memes, and the like. I love my friends dearly, but felt if I read one more comment from either side of the political spectrum, I would unfriend half the people on my list. Therefore, I made a choice. It is their Facebook and they are entitled to say what they want on it. I don’t have the right to stop them, that is the beauty of free speech. I do, however, have the ability to choose what I read and don’t read. So for the first time since I joined Facebook on November 5, 2005, I decided to take a break. My husband laughed and said it would take just a day before I caved. He knows I am slightly addicted! I check in first thing in the morning, every time I get a notification on my iPhone throughout the day, and right before bed. It is amazing just how much something can consume you if you get it power.

I have him to thank for making that comment and challenging me to think about just how true that is. He’s right I do want to cave. The first thing I thought this morning was, “I wonder how my friends and family are doing on Facebook.” I wanted to sign in, but was reminded of my husband’s words. Last night, I told myself that along with doing a 30 minute workout for 30 days in August, I would also take a break from Facebook for this amount of time to unwind and rejuvenate. To focus my attention on the things that matter most in my life right now. To give my desire to get out debt and lose weight the attention both of these things deserve. To allow people in my life the freedom to say what they want without feeling personally hindered and frustrated by their words. To use the extra time in my life to fuel my body to accomplish greater things. To spend more time blogging and connecting with others on a similar journey. Lastly, to unplug from the distractions and tap into other sources that can bring positive words during this season of my life.

As a result, I hope when I return to Facebook that I am filled with a renewed sense of peace. That I can take my friends words more lightheartedly and with a sense of humor. And most importantly, that I will be less consumed by Facebook on a daily basis and able to continue focusing my attention on restoring my life to a place of wholeness.


10 Responses

  1. I love your first two sentences. It’s SO true. Amazing how when we’re sitting down, planning our next “mission of attack” (weightloss, debt reduction, etc, etc.) we’re pumped…but wow, what a challenge it can be just days, even hours in! I am so thankful you are sharing your thoughts here and your journey. I need to read it, because we’re (Nate and I) embarking on our own journey soon, just not saying much about it for once 😉 Haha.
    I, too am hating all this political garbage back and forth, but like you said, I’m just choosing what I want to read (which hasn’t been much these past few days! lol!) and skipping right over what I don’t. I wish all the best of luck with everything and especially Facebook-it’s such a killer, isn’t it?! 🙂 Hugs!!

    • Yes! It is difficult to challenge ourselves and be true to our goals, but if we set our mind to it we have to let go of anything that gets in the way! So difficult!

      I’m excited for you and Nate on whatever journey you are embarking on! It helps to have someone by your side fighting the battle with you. Keep me posted if I can do anything to encourage you guys along the way!

      And it is tough! Gosh, I’m addicted to it!! But it just got too much for me. I’m not usually one to step away, especially because all of my family and friends are far away and that is how I connect with them, but I needed to in order to give my body the focus and restoration it needed! Thanks for understanding and for the encouragement! I’m going to keep sending my blog updates to Facebook, but that’s the extent of it for now! Wish me luck! 🙂

  2. You can do it! I have faith in you and always will. Love, Dad

    • Thanks Dad! I appreciate the support you always give me! Love you!

  3. You can do it! I have faith in you and always will! Love, Mom!! 🙂 LOL. So proud of you for sticking to your guns!! You’ve always done what you set your mind to. ALWAYS! Good job again for what you have already accomplished and in advance for what you will do!! Love you tons!! Mom!! XOXOXOXOX

    • Thanks! I know I always have you to call along the way! Thanks and love you!!! I’m grateful for the support.

  4. “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.'”

    As part of the majority, it may be quite easy to become fed up with everything you read and blind yourself from it, but in order for change to be enacted, the dialogue must continue.

    • Thank you for your insight! You’re right the dialogue must continue, my desire isn’t for that to stop. Nor am I necessarily becoming blind to it by exiting Facebook for a season. I will continue to read the news and inform myself of the issues in the world. I will also have conversations with those who respect other people’s values and share in beneficial dialogue that enlightens not insults. Exciting Facebook does not make one blind to the subject, it simply allows them to walk away from the negativity and political bashing in order to have conversations that are thoughtful and insightful on the subject. As a result, it is easier to become an educated voter that is less distracted by the garbage around them.

      • In addition, to continue the dialogue, it is a disservice to assume that someone is “blinding” themselves to the majority/minority conversation when there are other political concerns being addressed such as healthcare, food stamps, gun control, etc which may have been the root of choosing to leave Facebook in the first place.

  5. I realize your post wasn’t about politics per se but I find that they and the media talking heads serve as an excellent reminder of where our hope truly resides. Let us continue to pray for all!

    Keep burning those calories and know that I’m down here doing the same. Now, if I could just stop snacking on Utz Crab Chips. (C;

    We love you!

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